your financial partner of confidence

30 years of experience in financial advisory, tax optimisation and private banking

  • plan the fiscal optimisation of your assets in your pension fund and vested pension benefits in view of your retirement
  • support and accompany you in handling and managing your assets
  • analyse and monitor financial assets and devolp and optimise investment strategies
  • superwise the costs and all fiscal aspects

private Wealth

Are you interested in a professional advisory or do you need a "coach", who supports you in your decisions? You receive clarity and structure with a mandate for investment advisory

or asset management

pension funds

Don't let your capital asleep on vested benefit plans and pillar 3a without interest!

You should know the opportunities in investing your assets:

-Vested pension benefits

-Pillar 3a

-Advisory when job is lost


Tax optimisation with your pension funds and vested pension benefits

Leaving Switzerland

Benefit from massive tax savings