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Are you leaving Switzerland permanently?


  • for private or professional reasons?
  • you have been working in Switzerland and are not aware of the possibilities for tax savings?
  • you should implicitly arrange the fiscal structuring of your pension fund assets and vested pension benefits, before your leave Switzerland. Let me support you!

Who? all persons who are members of an occupational pension plan  (2nd pillar and pillar 3a)  When you end your employment, all assets of your pension fund are transferred to a foundation for vested pension benefits. These assets, under certain conditions, can be withdrawn by leaving Switzerland permantently.


Chevrolet Consulting offers an efficient service and execution at favourable terms in a tax-friendly environment


Tax friendly – because your vested pension benefits will be taxed when you cash them in. The withholding tax rate depends on where the Foundation holding your pension assets is based (and not your domicile). The Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits, with whom we cooperate, has its registered office in the canton with the lowest withholding tax rate in Switzerland.


Savings of 50% or more of the withholding taxes are possible


Investments in BVV2/LPP-compliant Funds:

The foundation offers the widest range of investment products in Switzerland with over 50 BVV2/LPP-compliant investment funds. You profit as well from the conditions for institutional investors - I provide you advice


Interesting for you starting from CHF 50'000.—




Effective examples as per 1.1.2019:


Underlying Assets
   CHF 100'000
Taxes with domicile of pension fund
Canton Zürich         CHF 6'413
via Chevrolet Consulting    CHF 2'913
Your savings
     CHF 3'500
or     47%  
Underlying Assets    CHF 250'000
Taxes with domicile of pension fund  
Canton Basel-Stadt        CHF 20'575
via Chevrolet Consulting    CHF 10'075
Your savings      CHF 10'500
or     51%  
Underlying Assets
   CHF 2'000'000
Taxes with domicile of pension fund  
Canton Aargau        CHF 228'000
via Chevrolet Consulting    CHF 96'000
Your savings
     CHF 132'000
or     58%  

Source: Cantonal tax office of the corresponding canton; as per

01.01.2019; Figures are indicative and without engagement; S.E. & O.


Let me support you in the structuring and execution. Contact me without any obligation