pension funds

A successful Relationship Manager is only measured on the income generated... for the bank!

That is why he must permanently propose a restructuring of your portfolio, where the bank generates high income like brokerage fees, investment funds or structured products


These do frequently not correspond with the investor's needs, because

  • the investor does often not understand nor need them
  • they are always more expensive like traditional stocks such as: Roche, Novartis, Nestlé etc.
  • they bear hidden costs that are not transparent for you
  • they usually bear a higher risk versus stocks


Increase your income by reducing the costs!


      „Wer nichts weiss,                                              "Who does not know anything,

                             muss alles glauben“                                 has to believe everything"


                                                                                     Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, 1830 - 1916


I analyse your portfolio on:


Your present position - is it in line with the structure of your portfolio?

  • allocation (currencies, risk factors, lumpsums)
  • diversification (share of equities, bonds, precious metals etc.)

Particularly the costs:

  • direct costs like savekeeping fees, administration fees, brokerage fees, FOREX fees, cost of investment funds
  • indirect costs, like retros on investment funds and structured products, that are not visible to you...

I prepare a summary of the actual position, give recommendations and show alternatives, especially on the cost side.

I cooperate with several discount banks - you will be amazed of the cost saving potential...

With a fee agreement, we arrange my allowance

It is up to you wether you follow my recommendations or not


Let me support you in the structuring and execution. Contact me without any obligation